Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What are you Giving the Principal for Christmas?

I'm sure probably thinking, "Um, nothing!" I do realize school is over for Winter Break and you were probably doing good to get a gift for the teacher, much less the principal or anyone else at school. When I taught, I got showered with gifts but I felt bad for the director of the preschool because it seemed like she didn't get much when Christmas came around. So when I saw this idea in my December Martha Stewart issue, I figured I could give gifts to those "forgotten" educators (they are definitely deserving of something) and it only cost $1/candy bar. We gave the Santa to Madelin's teacher. The snowmen were distributed among the principal, coordinator, expressive arts teachers, librarian and counselor. If you click on the Martha Stewart link, you will see that they used yarn instead of ribbon and Madelin and I used black crafters paint for the eyes and mouth as opposed to black ink and I used cream felt for the beard and the top of the Santa hat. The labels are also from Martha Stewart. Maybe you can give it a try next year...

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  1. I dont have a grade-schooler yet, Kathy, but what a great idea!!!