Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Back...Just in Time for Some Valentine's Love

With as cold as it has been lately, I've had no motivation to do anything! I was way too warm and comfortable on the couch, under a blanket!! Sad, I know. Now that Valentine's Day is here, I decided to get off of the couch and be productive! I hope that you will enjoy some of my Valentine's Day creations. :) Chocolate chip and Valentine m&m cookies.
Madelin's valentines packed and ready to be passed out to classmates. I got the idea from Noodleheads. I was pretty happy with the way they turned. While I was at Mad's Valentine's Day party, I overheard one of her classmates refer to his valentine from Madelin as his "wallet." :)
Homemade heart pizzas...made by Madelin! There's nothing quite like homemade pizza.
Heart decor to brighten up this place!!! I got the idea from V and Co. and then found these on Martha Stewart.