Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa's Going to Have to Bring Stocking Stuffers This Year

For many years, I've wanted to make stockings! I saw these stockings a few years ago in a Garnet Hill catalog (I cut-out the page for ideas) and have always adored these stockings from Pottery Barn Kids. But I never wanted to buy them when I knew that I could make them. Now, that I stay home full-time and know how to use my sewing machine, I finally found the time to make them!The Garnet Hill stockings are made of felt, so I thought that would be easy enough. As you can see from the high quality (or not) photo I bought green, brown, red and white felt from Hobby Lobby. I can't remember how much (perhaps a yard or so) I bought but let's just say it was more than enough because I still have some left over.
Please focus on the stocking "pattern," not the sweet sponge painted block walls (yes, this is my basement-don't judge ;)). Chris helped me make the stocking pattern, we used cardboard and the measurements (11x20) from the Pottery Barn Kids stockings (plus, 4 1/2 inches for the cuff).
I cut 2 stocking pieces from each color of felt and then pinned the matching pieces together. The white piece of paper has an initial on it (C, K, M or A).
These are all of the pieces that I cut out; some from a pattern but mostly free-handed. I used crafter's glue to adhere the felt.
I created the initials by typing each letter, printed "C," "K," "M" and "A" out, pinned the paper initial to the felt and then I cut around the paper intial.
I got the bear idea from a Mini Boden shirt and the paw prints were my idea; I also added floss for the mouth.
The snowman was created using snowman stocking ideas from P.B.K., Garnet Hill and my own creativity; I also used floss on the scarf and real buttons for the buttons.
The ornaments are similar to the Garnet Hill ones and again, my own creativity.
I used pinking shears to cut-out the pine trees, similar to the Garnet Hill pine trees.
The other various colors of felt are from felt scraps I already had. I hand-sewed ALL of the pieces onto the stockings - it took forever!!!!!!!!!
I pinned all of the pieces to the front stocking pieces.
I folded the front piece of felt down 4 1/4 inches and pinned the initial onto this flap.
After sewing the initial down, I un-pinned the 4 1/4 inch flap and laid it back on top of the back piece.
For the tabs, I cut a total of 8 strips (1 x 6 ). As you can see, the tabs are a double layer of felt (for strength and durability).
On the sewing machine, I sewed (on both sides of the tab) the two strips together .
After, all of the pieces were sewn on and the tabs were made, I sewed the front and back stocking pieces together. From the top of the stocking to 4 1/4 in. down (on both sides of the stocking), I sewed 1/8 in. from the outside; this is to prevent bunching when the top is folded over to create the cuff. From the 4 1/4 in. down, I sewed 3/8 in. in from the outside around to the opposite side of the cuff. I know this is confusing and it's difficult for me to explain but it worked! Once that was done, I hand-sewed the tabs on. It was then that I "saw the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!"
The stockings are hung and just in time for Santa to bring lots of little treasures!


  1. I LOVE them, Kathy! Awesome job!!! You've inspired me to make these! Perhaps next year after I know what our new little peanut will be. :) Super duper cute!!!

  2. Thanks, Joy! They were well worth the long process!

  3. super job! i bet yours cost less than $48.00 too!