Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For the Girls...

Just an excuse to make more appliqued shirts.... :) A few tastes of summer!My best friend from high school, Laura, is due with her second daughter in October. I created this watermelon using the same technique (but I had to hand-sew around the pieces because I broke my sewing machine...oops!!!) I always use when I make appliqued shirts. I then added white beads for "seeds." Can't you see them? ;) This shirt was a gift for Laura's daughter's second birthday. I made it the same way as I made the watermelon. The "stick" is a piece of ribbon. A skirt, like this one, to match the popsicle shirt. The fabric was in my scrap pile and was the perfect "size" to make a skirt! :) This ice cream shirt was made for our niece, born in June.
I bought all of the shirts from Target for $5, each.