Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hair "Clip Art"

While spending time with my sister-in-law (who lives in Japan), I was inspired to start making hair clips and bows. My sister-in-law, Nao, loves putting bows in my niece's hair and just like everything else in Japan, bows aren't cheap. My brother said that if I made some and sent them, I could make some money, who knew? Anyways, I was inspired by these (with tutorial) cute hair clips and wanted to make some for Madelin. When my niece's birthday rolls around, I plan on sending her some, too.

I bought the clips from Hobby Lobby, 6 for $1.47! I already had the pink, green and light green felt (scraps from my scrap box), beads (from an old shirt of Madelin's) and the ribbon (from the $1 bins at Target). They were very quick and easy to kind of project.

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