Monday, April 25, 2011

Hope You Had a Happy Easter!!

I hope your Easter was as wonderful as our's was! Here are some of the things I made for Easter, as well as some pictures from the day. :) I found these adorable bags here and thought that they would be really easy to make. They were fairly easy to make but sewing with ribbon is still not a favorite of mine. My mom gave me a bunny mold from when we were kids...fill it with a rice krispy bar recipe add black gel for eyes and whiskers and a jellybean nose and you've got one tasty little bunny. I made the tags on Photoshop. I made one for the kids' Easter basket and gave one to each of our bible study friends'. I found this Peeps Bunny Bunting here. I love how it's so bright and cheery! :)
Now for some Easter day pictures...don't mind the fact that they are in backwards order.
Madelin showing off her Easter egg findings.
Madelin sharing an egg with her brother...I'm sure this won't be the case every year!!! ;)
The Hansen fam all gussied up for church!
My favorites! :) Anders checking out what the Easter bunny brought him (with Madelin's help, of course). Madelin lining up her Easter basket treasures. Madelin and I dyeing eggs, while Anders napped. :) We're not quite ready for help from an almost 2-year-old!