Thursday, November 1, 2012


This Halloween went over a lot better than last year's Halloween.
All of the children were happy to wear their costumes. :)
We had a wonderful evening and got way too much candy!! 
Pumpkin carving and scooping lasted all of a few minutes with the kids!!
Madelin dug out a bit of pumpkin "guts" and Anders wanted nothing to do with it.
Little Miss didn't really get too into it either.
 Here is a lovely picture of our bumblebee, goldfish and Buzz Lightyear before going to Boo at the Zoo.
Now here we have another lovely picture of the "trio," yes, the "trio!"
Notice the bumblebee laid flat out on the ground (Anders and Madelin are trying to cheer her up)??
Somebody was a little uncooperative! ;)
Anders sporting his "handmade by momma" jet-pack and wings (made with craft paint and cardboard).
The "Buzz Lightyear" costume alone just wasn't doing it for me.
And a happy "Buzz" from the front.
I spray-painted an old pair of Madelin's shoes yellow (Joann's didn't have orange) and also added some sparkly spray paint. Do you like how the socks match the shoes? Nice, huh? ;)
They look slightly ghetto in this picture but looked pretty cute with the costume.
Madelin's list of all of her loot. :)