Thursday, March 10, 2011

My 2 Favorite Girls and Their March Birthdays!

Two birthdays meant I was one busy momma! I was busy making goodies of all kinds for my two favorite girls. My niece, Estella, turned 2 and Madelin turned 6 within days of each other. Unfortunately, Estella lives in Japan and I didn't get to be a part of her birthday but I did get to make her a few homemade goodies.
This is a watermelon barrette (made out of felt) I made to go with an outfit I bought from Gymboree.
I made these heart crayons for Estella but didn't end up sending them for fear that they would get crushed in the envelope. :(
Birthday bunting made for Madelin. Happy...
Madelin! To make the bunting, I first cut-out a triangle (a size that I thought looked "right"). Typed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADELIN" on the computer, pinned the letters to the triangles, cut around the letters and then used Pellon Wonder Under to adhere the letters to the triangles. I sewed the triangles to ribbon. To finish it off, I added ribbons between each word. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MADELIN are separate pieces.
Madelin's birthday invitation; each picture is of Madelin from age 5 - 6. I found the font here, they have lots of super cute and unique fonts to choose from. I created the invitation on a Photoshop program that I have. Madelin requested a flower cake for her family party. Simple idea but do you think I came up with it?? Yeah, right! I found it here. :)
Decor for the family party. Remember this post? That twine is still coming in handy!!
Table decor for Madelin's friend party. Extra stars from the scrapbook paper I used for Madelin's cupcake toppers.
Madelin's friend party was at a gymnastics facility. I wanted to buy gymnastics related cupcake toppers from Etsy but didn't really want to pay for them. I really just wanted to make them, so I looked for gymnastics related scrapbook paper but had no luck; I found this fun star scrapbook paper at Michaels. I also found some glittery cardstock to put behind the star paper. I found the sticks in the baking section at Michaels and used hot glue to adhere them to the circles. Like the invitations, I created the toppers on Photoshop.
Madelin requested red cupcakes for her party and got red velvet cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles. YUMMY!! I found the recipe here.
Now that March is nearly over, I have some Easter crafts that I want to get started! Look for those in a few weeks.