Thursday, December 22, 2011

Handmade Gift: Beanbags for the "Duo"

When Madelin started having spelling tests, the teacher in me thought that it would be a good idea to make the kids beanbags for Christmas (one letters set and one numbers set). I thought that they would be great teaching/learning tools. The alphabet set for learning A-Z, spelling names and words; the numbers set for learning to count, to add and subtract and anything else the kids came up with. I made the blue bag for the letters, green bag for the numbers.
I used scrap fabric for the letters, numbers and the bags. All that I had to buy was the beans for the bags.
Since opening the beanbags on Christmas, the kids have used them for the hopscotch mat, putting the letters in alpha order, throwing them all over the floor and pelting them at each other!! I guess the teacher in me will have to just deal with the fact that they are BEANBAGS and it's just way to tempting to not throw them!!

Handmade Gift: Toy Car Mat for Anders

While trying to think of what to get Anders for Christmas, a toy car mat came to mind. So instead of buying one, I made one. Using canvas, craft paint (for the grass and pond), a black sharpie marker (to outline) and a yellow paint pen (for the lines on the roads) Anders now has a car mat to use for all of his cars. An aerial view.
I made it in two pieces so that "the duo" could play with it as one large piece or separately...if you know what I mean!! :)
Wouldn't you know...Madelin has played with it everyday since Christmas. Walking on it and destroying what Madelin has placed on it is all that Anders has done with it! Oh well, at least somebody plays with it! :)

Handmade Gift: Hopscotch for Madelin

I came upon a hopscotch mat while on Pinterest and thought to myself: I can make that, Madelin would really enjoy it, it would be a great Christmas gift and it's great for this time of year! After doing a little researching online, I figured out what materials I was going to use. I bought the canvas at Joann's, cut a rectangle out of a cereal box (to trace for the hopscotch rectangles), used craft paint for the numbers and outline of the rectangles and used paint pens to outline the numbers. I also splattered some yellow paint on it for a little extra color!I must say that I was quite surprised at how much Madelin has enjoyed it! :)

Handmade Gift for Madelin's Teacher

Pretty much every part of this gift was handmade...the treats, the hand-painted jar and the gift tag. So I saw the chocolate covered Oreos idea on Pinterest. I probably should have read how to make them...I thought it would be fairly easily and could make them without any directions. BUT it was a can kind of tell that in the picture. Anyways, I made some more that looked a lot better (thus being the reason why they are white chocolate covered in the picture below - oops! :)). I make the chocolate covered pretzels every Christmas. They are easy to make and yummy! :)
I put m & m's in a jar, placed the treats in a jar, put the jar in a cellophane bag, added a Starbucks gift card to the bag and tied the bag with a piece of scrap fabric. The gift tag was created by the illustrator of my mom's book.
If you look closely, you can see the hand-painted holly berries on the backside of the jar.

Handmade Gift for Madelin's Classmates

Back in August (you know, pre-Kate), I volunteered to be Madelin's class "room mom." Luckily, I haven't had to do much. I volunteered to do the treat bags for the holiday party and instead of buying treat bags, I wanted to make my own. I know, big surprise!! :) What can I say, crafting keeps sane! And here they are... I used paper grocery bags, cut them in two pieces (4 1/2" x 6") for the "gift." I sewed the two pieces together, leaving one end open to fill with candy, then sewed it shut but left one corner open for easy access. I created the pompoms with yarn. Voila! A treat bag for "next to nothing" (except for a bit of my time ;)).

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"You is Awesome!"

No, this typically not how I speak! ;)
Anders and Madelin had played in the first snow of the season earlier in the day...
Later that day Anders wanted to go back outside; he had his boots on and gloves and was ready to go. He asked me where I got his boots from and I told him, "the store." He quickly exclaimed, "You is awesome!!" I then explained to him that it was too cold to go out and that it was going to be dark. He was quite disgruntled by this, so I told him I would bring the snow inside for he and Madelin to play with.
My little man all decked out in his snow gear. The duo enjoying the snow! Later in the day... Mad's snow creation, with an addition of yellow and blue food coloring. Anders' pile, pretty much untouched. He enjoyed eating it instead! :)