Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts, Anyone?

Well, it's only been about 2 months since I last posted anything!! Oh well, I guess I've just been too busy keeping up with 3 little ones and finding time for pinning and not blogging. :)
To me, Valentine's Day is kind of cheesy. I don't need a holiday to show someone I love them but I do find joy in creating with red, pink and lots of hearts!!
For dinner we had heart-shaped pizzas (Madelin's pick); it was either these or heart-shaped pancakes and heart-shaped bacon. And no, those aren't charred worms on the pan, just burnt cheese!
We had white chocolate chip, raspberry scones and strawberry smoothies for breakfast.
Madelin wasn't too impressed, she wanted chocolate chips and didn't even realize it was a heart until she got her second one. Oh, the things we do for our children...!!!!
I made Valentine m & m, chocolate chip bars for the the teachers.
I had to keep Anders' little paws off of them for most of the day!!
Valentine inspired by Pinterest.
Madelin and I worked together to create these little lovelies. They were lots of fun to make!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Day in the Life of the Household Comedian...

If you got our Christmas card, you know that I refer to this little man as the Household Comedian. I thought I would share some recent photos of him "in action."
Now, mind you, this poor kid is stuck at home with a baby and a nursing momma, so he spends alot of time using his crazy imagination or watching t.v.
Here's the little man at his finest...
"Posing" for Madelin, the photographer! This is a "Mom, do you have to take a picture of me??" look. As he is wearing his super-hero cape; which he wears almost all day long (even during naps and bedtime)!
I went to check on him during naptime and this is where I found him...all snuggled up on Madelin's bed.
That's the perk of sharing a bedroom...two beds to choose from. ;)
Oh-so-unhappy to model his new tool belt!
Napping with his ski goggles; which, like the cape, he wears almost all day long.
He gets a nice, looking hair-do from them!
This is what happens when we let little man get himself ready for bathtime!
He hasn't quite figured out how to take his shirt off, yet. :)
And, yes, the boy wears alot of striped shirts!!!