Friday, March 30, 2012

Lovey for Kate

 I figured Kate might like a taggie blanket after being nearly accosted by her brother for playing with the tag on his coat!!  To be the woman that thought of those blankies...ingenius!

I found the fabric at JoAnn Fabric and had a stash of ribbon in my craft drawer.
It was so incredibly easy to make and cheap, too! And I like cheap; like a total of $3! ;) 

My blue-eyed babe and her lovey.
If only she liked it as much as she likes Anders' taggie! ;)
Wouldn't ya know?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Seven: Her BIRTHday

Somehow this sweet, sassy, loving, happy-go-lucky, nature lover, bug-loving, social butterfly turned SEVEN! And I wonder how am I old enough to have a seven-year-old?  If only we could slow time down...  

Surprise decorations on her door.

Lego Friends...a new favorite!

Cinnamon rolls; Madelin's pick for breakfast.

Gifts from Grammy and Papa.

"The Duo" enjoying an ice cream sundae at Red Robin; Madelin's pick for dinner.

Oreo ice cream cake compliments of yours truly.

She's not crying, just slightly excited about her cake!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Seven: The Party

We celebrated Madelin's seventh birthday with a MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA & ICE CREAM SUNDAE...NAIL PAINTING...SLEEPOVER birthday party! I must say that this was one of her best (and cheapest) birthday parties. And, yes, this momma did survive!!

Time to party!!
The girls getting ready to make their pizzas. 
 The birthday girl enjoying her pizza. The lovely hot pink/zebra print plates and napkins were Madelin's pick!
 Sundaes and cupcakes
 While flipping through a cupcake cookbook, Madelin came upon this creation.
I made the paint palette out of cardboard and covered it with a paper bag.
I created the "Happy 7th Birthday, Madelin!" on our computer.
The birthday party bunch. :)
Party decor consisted of balloons and streamers (you can kind of see them) to match those lovely plates and napkins. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Handmade Gifts for Estella

 My niece, Estella, turns 3 next week. We (unfortunately) don't get to see her often, as she lives in Japan. So, with that in mind, I wanted to make her some extra special handmade things. :)
I found this shirt at Old Navy.
and made this skirt to go with it.
You know, the skirt I make quite's a no-fail go-to!!
Handmade bag made with craft paint.


Here's a collection of things that I have sewn lately and haven't had time to post separately...
Tooth fairy pillows for Madelin, Anders and Kate.
Thank you, Pinterest!
A tool belt for Anders.
I also made a girly version for Madelin but have yet to take pictures of it.
"B" bag for our niece, Braelynn.
I used felt to create it.
Backside of "B" bag.
Skirts for Braelynn and Kate (2 1/2 months apart); tutorials found here and here.
I used an old maternity shirt to create the pink skirts.