Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Day in the Life of the Household Comedian...

If you got our Christmas card, you know that I refer to this little man as the Household Comedian. I thought I would share some recent photos of him "in action."
Now, mind you, this poor kid is stuck at home with a baby and a nursing momma, so he spends alot of time using his crazy imagination or watching t.v.
Here's the little man at his finest...
"Posing" for Madelin, the photographer! This is a "Mom, do you have to take a picture of me??" look. As he is wearing his super-hero cape; which he wears almost all day long (even during naps and bedtime)!
I went to check on him during naptime and this is where I found him...all snuggled up on Madelin's bed.
That's the perk of sharing a bedroom...two beds to choose from. ;)
Oh-so-unhappy to model his new tool belt!
Napping with his ski goggles; which, like the cape, he wears almost all day long.
He gets a nice, looking hair-do from them!
This is what happens when we let little man get himself ready for bathtime!
He hasn't quite figured out how to take his shirt off, yet. :)
And, yes, the boy wears alot of striped shirts!!!

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