Saturday, December 3, 2011

"You is Awesome!"

No, this typically not how I speak! ;)
Anders and Madelin had played in the first snow of the season earlier in the day...
Later that day Anders wanted to go back outside; he had his boots on and gloves and was ready to go. He asked me where I got his boots from and I told him, "the store." He quickly exclaimed, "You is awesome!!" I then explained to him that it was too cold to go out and that it was going to be dark. He was quite disgruntled by this, so I told him I would bring the snow inside for he and Madelin to play with.
My little man all decked out in his snow gear. The duo enjoying the snow! Later in the day... Mad's snow creation, with an addition of yellow and blue food coloring. Anders' pile, pretty much untouched. He enjoyed eating it instead! :)

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