Friday, October 5, 2012

Bags for all the Loot

Candy, that is, not money!! ;)

Back in the day when this bunny was little, I made her a trick-or-treat bag.
I figured it was time to make one for Anders and have one on hand when Kate got older.

When I originally made Madelin's, I stuffed the candy corn with stuffing.
To make hers look more like Anders' and Kate's I took out the stuffing and trimmed it down a bit.

Anders had the choice of a bat or a spider.
He chose a bat and later asked, "Where is the spider?"
"Sorry, Homey, one creature is all you get!"

And a pumpkin for our sweet little Kate. :)
Madelin's plan this year is to fill the bag to the top!!
Pretty sure that isn't going to happen, as we would be out ALL NIGHT LONG!

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  1. Very cute "loot" bags Kathy!!! Can't wait to see your little ones dressed up for Halloween!!