Friday, September 14, 2012

1: Kate's Rainbow-Themed Party

Last year my friend had a rainbow themed birthday party for her daughter.
I loved the idea so much that I knew that that was what I wanted to do for Kate's 1st birthday.
So here you have it...
The rainbow image is from Google images; I then added the text on Photoshop.
This cake was a labor of love!!
With some help from Chris we created this masterpiece together.
It was NO easy feat; there was a lot of cutting involved and leftover pieces.
Some of the leftover pieces became this little masterpiece...
 A miniature rainbow cake for Kate; with a slight lean to it. :)
 A tray full of fruit.
Need I point out the obvious? ;)
 When Madelin turned 1...she DOVE into her cake and "demolished" it!!
When Anders turned 1...he was bit timid at first and then took charge of his cake!
Well, Kate was a little less of a cake destroyer...there was no destroying at all, just picking here and there!
 Little miss and her crumb covered face! :)
 Kater with one of her presents.
 I, of course, had to make tissue paper pompoms that are all the rage right now.
They were so easy and quite addicting to make.
Here are some more pompoms.
I created the "one" with cardboard and painted it with craft paint.


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