Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Madelin's winter coat and other warm pieces

Here is Madelin's new winter coat. The picture is lacking quality and detail but you can still tell the coat is a pretty buttery color. The afternoon Chris brought it home, the kids and I went to Target to hunt for some matching pieces. Unfortunately, there weren't any pieces that had the pretty buttery color in them (lots of pink pieces, though). So, I told Mad to pick out a solid hat and matching mittens and I would make the scarf (an idea I got from
Here are all of the pieces. As you can tell, the hat and mittens are made of two different solid purple pieces of fleece. I figured, "Yeah, the purples might be hard to match but I'm sure I can find something that closely matches the two purples." Boy, was I wrong...I checked Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabric and Joann's (a little overboard, I know) and they all carried light purple or "Crayola" purple. I ended up picking a bright pink and I was fortunate enough to find a matching buttery yellow fleece. As you can see, I cut-out (6, 2 are hiding on the backside of the hat) yellow stars and (hand-sewed them onto the hat and mittens). The stars on the scarf were done using a different technique.
As I said earlier, I got the scarf idea from a Noodleheads tutorial titled fleece neck warmers tutorial (I know that there is a way that you can click on "here" and go straight to the tutorial, but I don't know how, so please enlighten me) . You should head on over there for an in-depth description on how she made the scarf. Her pictures are fabulous, too!!!


  1. Do you still want enlightened? Type here, highlight it, click on "link" then copy and paste the website you want to go to in the box that appears. Is that what you wanted enlightened about? Cute blog!