Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apples, Some Flowers and Pumpkins, Too...

There's nothing quite as gratifying as picking your own apples and having lots of them to eat and bake with. It's those simple things in life for us... :)
Got to love those bright zinnias and those smiling faces.
The duo walking through the orchard. Notice Madelin's sweet outfit, she's dressed appropriately for a warm day (yes, those are rain boots)! ;)
Now, that is a good apple!
The trio posing for mommy with some girl's backside in the shot, thanks girl!! As some guy said to us, "Do you think she (referring to Kate) will remember her first trip to the Apple Orchard?" I wanted to say, "Um yeah, dude, probably not!!" but held my tongue, smiled and said something a little more polite. :)

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