Friday, June 24, 2011

Lord, Help Us, We Have a TWO-Year-Old Boy on Our Hands!!!

Within a year, Anders went from a sweet and loving little boy to well...a BOY! Wow, what a difference a year I really do know what people mean when they say boys are sooooo different from girls!!! He is still loving (likes to give "huggies") but he can be not-so-loving, too. He hits his sister (50% of the time it's well-deserved), is quite grumpy ("El Groucho"), is often heard saying "No way, go away, no Madeya (Madelin)..." Despite these changes, we are thrilled to have a TWO-year-old boy running around this house! :) "Happy Birthday, Anders" bunting. Birthday bunting close-up; like the masking tape? I still haven't found a good way to attach the bunting to the wall. Oh, well Anders doesn't know or care! Our little man eating his birthday dinner; with ketchup covering most of his chin and upper lip. I'm not quite sure who opened more presents..Anders or "Little Mother." "Cars" were a very popular gift this year! :)
Anders and his two favorite girls singing "Happy Birthday" to him! Notice Little Mother keeping Anders' hand from the flames.
Monkey themed birthday invitation created on Photoshop. Anders (if you weren't sure) in his Halloween costume from last year.
I found the "mod monkey" image on Bing (I think, or Google), copied it to Photoshop and created the "Happy Birthday, Anders" around it. I found the plates at a Party store.
I'm curious to see what the next year will hold with this little monkey!

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